Natural Diet Pills - I was charged by them and i never ever heard of this company at all.

Dallas, Texas 6 comments

Someone got my credit card number or frontier got it somehow and charged my card for $93.00 and i never even heard of this company now i cant use my credit card anymore and reported this company as a fraud and a ripoff and i will prosecute if im going to get my money back from this company one way or another or i will get the person who got my credit card info and charged a bogus product from my account and im really pissed off about this so people beware always check your accounts period.

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Holladay, Tennessee, United States #9018

We were also charged $29.88 for nothing we ordered or ever heard of. We live in Asheville, NC and are curious if this is a local thing or countrywide? Our bank is reversing the charge, but we are still curious about where others live that are being targeted.

Hartsville, Tennessee, United States #9011

:( someone used my debit card and charged 37.88 to it.I have informed my bank about this debit and it is being disputed.

I have never heard of this company either, but Juan whatever your last name is I hope you see this and know I am going to hunt you down like a dog!!!!!!To stop you from doing this to others!!!!!

Andersonville, Tennessee, United States #8920

i am so pissed. they charged my moms account and she thought i did it. how many people are out there that got charged from this company?

Yankton, South Dakota, United States #8913

Someone has also stolen my credit card number and charged an unauthorized charge of $16.88.I am furious.

Now I have to close my card and get a new one!What the ***??

Wagner, South Dakota, United States #8906

My debit card was charged $29.88 and I have never heard of them either and can't get anyone to answer the phone. My brother is an attorney in Louisiana, maybe there are enough of these bogus charges out there for class action against someone. If not this bogus pharmacy someone is selling credit card information.

Vermillion, South Dakota, United States #8902

I was charged by this company for Natural Diet Pills. They used my debit card. I have never ordered them or heard of the company.


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